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The Digital History at Carleton Workshop

DH@CWorks was launched in 2011 as an interactive space for Carleton University students to collaborate on and produce digital history projects.  Funded by a Carleton Innovation Forum grant, our objective is to encourage partnerships with external groups and institutions, support projects which may need extra infrastructural funding, and serve as a place to showcase and archive student work in the field of digital history.  With support from the Department of History, Carleton University, we are continuing to look for new ways for students to engage and curate the past in digital realms.

There are many different kinds of projects that fall under the umbrella of DH@CWorks:

1) Student group projects, often involving collaboration with partners or other classes
2) Individual student projects, based on student research, such as Honours projects or Masters’ research essays
3) Faculty-based digital collaborations
4) Affiliated digital projects, which we support in various ways

If you have questions about the DH@CWorks site or the kinds of partnerships and projects we encourage, please contact the DH@CWorks facilitator, James Opp.

DHCWORKS Advisory Board:

David Dean, Co-Director, Carleton Centre for Public History
Shawn Graham, Department of History
Paul Litt, Coordinator, Public History M.A. Program
Dominique Marshall, Chair, Department of History
Leighann Nielson, Sprott School of Business
James Opp, Co-Director, Carleton Centre for Public History, CIF Facilitator
John Osborne, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
John C. Walsh, Department of History
Anthony Whitehead, Director, School of Information Technology

Funded by a Carleton Innovation Forum grant, Office of the Provost, 2011-2014

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The Digital History at Carleton Workshop has been funded by a grant from the Carleton Innovation Forum. For more information on partnerships and opportunities for projects, contact the DH@CWorks facilitator, James Opp.

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